Thursday, April 26, 2012

What if?

You don't know me, but I'm a little crazy. About Christmas!! It has always been my favorite holiday. If I think about it, I can still remember the exact feeling of magic that I felt when I rounded the corner Christmas morning and saw that Santa had been there. He had actually come! I loved seeing that the cookie plate had only crumbs left on it. The milk was gone. He was actually really here!! And look at all this loot!

I think my entire adult life has been a continual search to find something that gives me that feeling again. A feeling of wonder, surprise, excitement, anticipation, glee and that holiday cookie induced sugar rush. I don't think I ever slept more than 20 minutes on Christmas Eve. It was the most excruciating night of my life. But it was a fun kind of pain. Like child birth. It seems to take forever and the wait can almost kill you. But when it's all over, it was totally worth it and you can't wait for next time. Well, I may be getting off topic here. Back to the jolly man...

I can remember looking up into the sky on Christmas Eve waiting to see if I would spot Santa's sleigh. Is he almost here? When will he get here? What country is he in now? Why hasn't foursquare been invented yet so I can follow his check-in's?

Even now, as a grown adult with a child of my own, every once in a while I stop fighting childhood fantasy and completely give in to the thought. "What if?"

There's this really great scene at the end of the movie ELF, when Zooey Deschanel's character has rallied almost the entire state of New York into a massive sing-along. And right when the final person gives in and starts singing, it creates enough Christmas cheer to power Santa's sleigh just in time for him to lift off the ground and fly directly over everyone's heads. I get goosebumps every time, and I always like to think...what if?

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